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Organic Aloe Vera Gel 200ml



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For All Skin Types | 200ml

Aloe vera contains over 75 different nutrients & is high in antioxidants along with Organic Kakadu Plum which contains the highest vitamin C concentration.

These properties promote the skin to heal quicker & acts as a protective barrier that helps skin replenish its moisture & fight free radical damage. This miracle formula treats sun burns, wounds, bites, acne, & dry flakey skin.

Our Aloe Vera gel is not only just for sunburn use but an everyday moisturising gel for the face & body as it has great healing properties, is non sticky & smells divine.

It DOES NOT CONTAIN - Sulphates, Artificial Preservatives, Fluorides, Parabens ,Mineral Oils, Palm Oil, Synthetic Chemicals, Additives, Fragrances, Colours, Artificial Emulsifiers, Non Gmo & is Non Toxic.

- Australian made
- Vegan Friendly
- Not tested on animals
- Cruelty free
- 100% natural

- Contains over 75 different nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, anthraquinones or phenolic compounds, lignin, saponins, sterols, amino acids & salicylic acid.
- Treats a variety of skin conditions, from flaky or dry skin, hair & scalp problems
- Anti-inflammatory: soothes wounds & burns, minor skin infections.
- Relieves eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, sores & skin ulcers
- Antioxidant properties promote the skin to repair quicker, & acts as a protective layer on the skin & helps replenish its moisture.


For years, Aboriginal people have used this fruit for it’s antiseptic & soothing properties. Kakadu plums have been identified as the world’s richest source of Vitamin C. These plums contain 3000mg of Vitamin C per 100g of fruit! This is more than fifty times the amount found in oranges! It’s no wonder this fruit is considered a superfood as it it’s full of antioxidants, bioactive & medicinal properties. Kakadu plums are also rich in phytochemical, which have anti-carcinogenic, anti fungal, antiviral & anti inflammatory properties.


Cucumber extract is a superfood for skin. The juice is composed largely of proteins, lipids, Vitamin C, & a variety of minerals that possess moisturising & emollient properties. It also has an astringent effect, that can soothe & relieve puffy skin.

Apply desired amount onto your skin concentrating on effected areas. Apply as many times needed. Can be used on the face, body & babies. 

Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Guar Gum, Glycerin, Purified Water, Organic Cucumber Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Kakadu PlumExtract, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Neroli Essential Oil, Celtic Sea Salt, Vitamin E.