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PIBU PIBU Shampoo Set

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Bio-Active functional ampoule 1 | Jack

Bio-Active functional ampoule 2 | Jack


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Set|1 Base (270ml) + 2 ampoules (10ml) + Dispenser + Case
Country of origin|Korea 

Using a natural surfactant derived from coconut oil as well as collagen and keratin, it gently cleanses the scalp without causing any irritation.

It contains more than 10 types of natural extracts including Centella asiatica extract, hinoki water, apple mint extract, and green tea extract to remove oil and sebum and leave the scalp feeling cool and refreshed.

The Chrysanthemum indicum extract, ginseng extract, etc. brighten and moisturize the skin and restore it from damage. 


Choose two scalp and hair concerns that you want to address. 

Add two of the same ampoule for intensive care! 


Shampoo Base

PIBU PIBU Shampoo Base

Made with more than 10 types of natural extracts including cocobetaine, in place of a chemical surfactant, helps gently remove oil, sebum, and harmful substances from the scalp and leave the scalp feeling cool and refreshed. 

Main ingredients:
Cocobetaine, collagen, keratin, Centella asiatica extract, hinoki water, apple mint extract, green tea extract, etc.


Bio-Active functional ampoule 01. Jack

PIBU PIBU Bio-Active functional ampoule 01. Jack

A best-selling product that provides intensive nourishing care to the hair roots for the growth of strong, healthy hair.

A nourishing ampoule containing aroma oils and over 20 types of bioactive extracts including hydrolyzed pea proteins.

For Hair loss caring and strengthening of hair roots

Main ingredients:
Hydrolyzed pea protein, Ophiopogon japonicus root extract, ginseng extract, chaste tree fruit extract, Platycladus orientalis extract, thyme oil, atlas cedarwood oil, etc.


Bio-Active functional ampoule 02. Snow

Bio-Active functional ampoule 02. Snow

A steady-selling scalp care ampoule that helps deep cleanse oily scalp and leaves it cleaner and healthier, limiting relapses and reducing itchiness.

A scalp care ampoule containing aroma oils and over 20 types of bioactive extracts including apple cell culture extract. 

For Oily, flaky scalp

Main ingredients:
Apple cell culture extract, Pogostemon cablin leaf extract, oregano extract, Ophiopogon japonicus root extract, green tea extract, Pogostemon cablin oil, scented geranium oil, etc. 


Bio-Active functional ampoule 03. Oz

PIBU PIBU Bio-Active functional ampoule 03. Oz

A damage care ampoule made with aroma oils and over 20 types of bioactive extracts including ceramide NP that help restore hair that has become dull and damaged.

For Damaged hair

Main ingredients:

Ceramide NP, shikakai fruit extract, tamarind fruit extract, sodium PCA, thyme oil, scented geranium oil, coconut and palm oils, etc. 


Bio-Active functional ampoule 04. Unicorn

PIBU PIBU  Bio-Active functional ampoule 04. Unicorn

A color-lasting ampoule with aroma oils and over 20 types of bioactive extracts including Rhus semialata gall extract that will make your hair color more long-lasting so that you can keep on expressing yourself.

For Hair color maintaining

Main ingredients: 
Rhus semialata gall extract, ceramide NP, Salicornia europaea extract, persimmon tree leaf extract, sodium PCA, eucalyptus root extract, atlas cedarwood oil, patchouli oil, etc. 

  1. Twist - Twist the bottle cap of the base shampoo to open it
  2. Pop - Open the 2 bio-Active functional ampoules.
  3. Pour - Pour the ampoules into the base shampoo.
  4. Shake - Close the base shampoo and shake thoroughly.
  5. Enjoy - Enjoy the personalized cleansing experience.

PIBU PIBU focuses on tiny differences in
every inch of hair and skin.

we also concern about our environment and sustainability!

Our products are derived from nature and extracted from the gifts of nature. 

PIBU PIBU works to optimize your bath experience and commits to reducing the waste on the planet. 

Let's make well-informed choices for an eco-friendly product from today.

Together, We'll find an answer.


All formulas contain 90% above bioactive ingredients

We aim to solve skin problems in an effective and natural way.

PIBU PIBU formulations contain 90% of ingredients from natural origin, no matter ingredients select or produced, all procedures have been proved by scientific research and test.

All ingredients have no harmful effects on humans, but biodegradable and sustainable on Earth.


FSC certified Eco-packaging

A fully recyclable paper packaging was made by natural sugar cane, bamboo, and recycled paper pulp, it's plastic-free and truly 100% biodegradable!

The packaging using only The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper ensures that products come from well-managed forests, to support environmental protection and participate in low-carbon activities.

To combine aesthetic preferences with ecological needs, the single hole on each side connected with one paper string to let customers hold the case itself as a shopping bag.

There is no direct printing on the case, and this makes the package easily and entirely recyclable.


Recyclable packaging and bottles

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PIBU PIBU encourages customers to clean up the empty containers and recycle themselves to live a green life.

Shampoo / Body wash / Hand wash|

Recycled PETG and PET plastic materials are used for these product packagings. They are free from plasticizers and easy to clean.

Bio-Active functional amouple|
Extracted essence of natural origins are contained by glass bottles to ensure bioactivity. Glass bottles can be recycled if they are washed.

Besides, PIBU PIBU’s ingredient stickers are made out of easy-to-peel removable stickers. After relaxing yourself with PIBU PIBU, remove the seal and recycle!

We are striving to make our packaging material become recyclable.