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SOVOS Organic Magnolia Perfume ( Body & Hair | Non-Alcohol ) 30ml

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"Scent like "home" - the Hong Kong memory collection"

Discover this contemporary yet timeless and elegant magnolia scent collection for a tantalizing hair, body, soul experience. Capturing the very heart and soul of Hong Kong, the soothing nostalgia scent carries you back to a summer walk in childhood with a cool breeze caressed by the subtle refreshing scent of blossoming white magnolia.

100% distilled directly from the original Michelia Alba flower, preserving not only the nostalgic essence, also the true aromatherapeutic benefits of this luxurious essence.

Natural and organic, 100% plant-based ingredients, completely harsh chemical free advanced formula.

NO Harsh Chemicals NO Paraben NO Synthetic Fragrance NO Dye NO Phthalate ————————— 1 0 0 % N A T U R A L & O R G A N I C (A L C O H O L F R E E) Perfectly suited to sensitive skin. Unlike alcoholic perfumes, which can dry out and irritate the skin, natural organic essential oils actually contribute to softening the skin. Another benefit is that they generally last longer on the skin.  Benefits:
【Hair】Instantly moisturizes, boosts shine, leaves hair soft and a scented trail
【Body】Relieves stress, helps protect respiratory system

Suitable for:
All skin types including sensitive, eczema and pregnant

" SOVOS follows strict herbal apothecary in selecting ONLY the finest therapeutic grade botanical species from right soils around the globe in delivering the best fit and most effective synergistic formulas on a personal level."

Lightly mist to these points: hair, the inner wrists, behind ear lobes