Sort of Coal 黑方 Kuro Cube




A compact cube of White Charcoal for a small space

Dimensions: 6 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm
Durability: A cube will remain fully active for one year
Raw material: Compressed White Charcoal from Korean oak
Production: Organically handcrafted in Korea

Essentially a compact cube of clean air, the KURO CUBE will efficiently purify and freshen the air in any small space around the house - such as your fridge, closets, drawers, shoe cupboard and even your car. Made from powdered and compressed White Charcoal, this powerful air freshener adsorbs gases, pollution and odors from the surrounding air, without the use of chemicals or perfume. Placing the cube in your fridge will not only remove bad smells, but also keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp for longer, as ethylene gases are adsorbed into the cube. This way, your investment will soon have paid for itself.

How to use
To purify and deodorize the air in any small space:
Unwrap your KURO CUBE and place it directly inside the space that you want to keep fresh and odor-free, such as your fridge, closets, drawers, shoe cupboard or car
To keep your cube optimally effective, occasionally expose it to direct sunlight and leave it to dry out completely. Do not use a microwave for this purpose
To deodorize your food and keep your greens fresh:
Place your cube in a dry and open spot in the fridge, preferably near your fruit and vegetables

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