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21GRAM Skincare Banner | Dr. Koala

21GRAMS goal was to create an all-natural product that really works but free of chemicals and toxins. It took us over a year to modify and adjust to get the right formulation. Using the best ingredients and my knowledge of chemistry through university studies at Cambridge have resulted in a product that we are proud of and that works. Families and friends have raved about our products, and now it is time to share this with the wider community. Over the years we have also expanded our product line, with the mission to create natural and effective products that are made in Hong Kong with science and love.

  • No worrying chemicals – Our products are free of alcohol, Paraben, Formaldehyde, Aluminium salts, artificial fragrance, colourings and harmful chemicals
  • Pure, mild and hypoallergenic – We pick the best ingredients in nature to ensure our products are extra gentle on the delicate skin of yours and your loved ones'
  • Fragrance-free – Our products "for beautiful mom" are specifically formulated fragrance-free so that they will not irritate the heightened sense of smell that most pregnant women experience
  • Transparency is key – We believe in proactively choosing to be transparent about our product ingredients and to help you and your family better understand what you are bringing into your home
  • Guaranteed quality – Our products are manufactured in a strictly-controlled dust-free factory in Hong Kong that reaches GMPC ISO 22716 international standards
  • No animal testing – We are strongly against animal testing. Our products undergo extensive testing and are SGS certified to ensure they are safe and effective but still cruelty-free

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【20% Off】21GRAMS GLOW - White Amber Oil Serum +
21GRAMS CALM - Neroli Toner
21GRAMS UNWIND香汗膏 | 木本 50g | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS CARESS 香汗膏 | 花香 50g | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS PLAY 香汗膏 | 柑橘 50g | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS BREATHE 香汗膏 | 無味 50g | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS SOFTEN - 潤唇膏 | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS REBORN - 晚香玉修護晚霜  | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS BLOOM - 蘭花日間防禦乳液  | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS GLOW - 琥珀修護精華 | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS NURTURE - Bamboo Hydrator
21GRAMS REFRESH - 保濕爽膚水(有機白薔薇) | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS 身體護膚油 200ml | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS GREEN CAVIAR 藻珍珠抗紋護膚油 200ml | Dr. Koala
21GRAMS PURIFY - 金盞花舒敏潔面啫喱 | D. Koala
21GRAMS BLOOM - 蘭花日間防禦乳液  | Dr. Koala