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Living Nature is New Zealand's original, certified natural skincare company. The company was founded in 1987 by Suzanne Hall, who was inspired by the healing properties of New Zealand native plants to remedy her own skin conditions.

All our certified natural skincare and most of our cosmetics are made at our purpose-built Kerikeri facility in the pristine Bay of Islands. From this base, we control every step of product development, formulation, testing, and filling. We are passionate about the benefits of nature, and are committed to our philosophy of 'nature works' as the basis for developing skincare and cosmetics that work in harmony with our skin.

Geographically isolated for more than 80 million years, New Zealand has developed a natural landscape unlike anywhere else on earth. More than 80% of New Zealand's native plants are indigenous and many have remarkable bioactive properties. Sourced from forests, lands and seas, Living Nature's active ingredients come from the most potent of these unique plants.

We have harnessed the purifying, healing and nourishing power of New Zealand's native botanicals, the following key ones of which we term our 'hero ingredients': Harakeke Flax Gel, Totarol, Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil, Hallo Clay, and Kelp. The properties of these plants are known for their healing, purifying and nourishing qualities. When combined, they create some of the safest, purest and most effective certified natural skincare in the world.

The astonishing properties of these plants work with your skin's natural function to protect, repair and nourish, without the side effects of harsh, dangerous or damaging chemicals. But we don't stop there. Every harvest of our raw ingredients and every product batch is rigorously tested for purity and safety. Our products reflect the country from which they were developed, and are made of and in New Zealand. 

Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel 100ml
Living Nature 抗敏椰子油潔面乳 Sensitive Cleanser 100ml | Dr. Koala
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Living Nature 抗敏椰子油營養日霜 Sensitive Day Moisture 50ml | Dr. Koala
Living Nature 抗敏椰子油營養晚霜 Sensitive Night Moisture 50ml | Dr. Koala
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Living Nature 抗敏椰子油爽膚啫喱 Sensitive Hydrating Toner 100ml | Dr. Koala
Living Nature 深層清潔面膜 Deep Cleansing Mask 50ml | Dr. Koala
Living Nature 特強保濕爽膚啫喱 Extra Hydrating Toning Gel 100ml | Dr. Koala
Living Nature 特強保濕面膜 Hydrating Gel Mask 50ml | Dr. Koala
Living Nature 麥蘆卡暗瘡啫喱 Manuka Honey Gel 10ml | Dr. Koala

Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel 10ml

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