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PIBU 피부 means "skin" in Korean.

PIBU PIBU is a solution for skincare.
The journey to cleanse the skin begins in Korea in 2018.

Three female co-founders from Korea, Hong Kong, and the United States, all dreamed of the same thing.

Despite being from different cultural backgrounds and having different views and skin concerns,

they have been working together to bring products that can help address all types of skin concerns.
Even today, they are carrying out research to tackle one skin concern at a time.

Together, we'll find an answer.

The sky and the ocean both look blue 

due to the diffusion of light, 

but what is making the sky appear blue 

and what is making the ocean appear blue are different. 

Although our skin concerns may seem similar on the surface,

deep down, the causes behind them slightly different. 

We understand that small difference

 and help find the right solution 

for your unique skin concerns 

and at PIBU PIBU, we are here to help you find your very own solution. 

To discover your true self

Rinse away all your concerns and troubles that are concealing who you truly are with PIBU PIBU. With PIBU PIBU, you will be able to see your most beautiful and natural self that has been hiding underneath the surface. 

At PIBU PIBU, we present solutions with a genuine desire to help each
one of our customers. Come to us for a professional and scientific solution that is customized just for you.

Boost your creativity in a simple way

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Enjoy the little things in daily life, have fun when you taking a bath.

PIBU PIBU's packaging design is ideal for brand identification and representation from afar. In order to encourage the users’ experience and spirit of DIY, the packaging was designed to perfectly mold the necessary elements and parts of the PIBU PIBU set. This application was inspired by lunch trays and assembly toys. Casts of the bottle, pump, and two ampoules help customers to visually understand the steps and system to assemble the product.

The molded white case uses the effect of light and shadow very well, like plasters in art class.