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Juice Orgnics | Dr. Koala Natural House

Juice Organics Certificate | Dr. Koala Natural House

Juice Organics are luxurious and affordable.

The mission of Juice Organics is simple; create the most luxurious and effective haircare products, made with the highest content of certified organic ingredients possible. Juice Organics uses certified organic ingredients because these luxurious aloe, coconut, jojoba and argan oils have been shown to have higher antioxidant levels than conventionally farmed, genetically modified ingredients. Antioxidants fight free radicals and that’s great for your hair!

Healthy Beauty comes first. Juice Organics says no to putting conventionally farmed, genetically modified, pesticide sprayed, ingredients on your head and ours. Juice Organics loves our animals and our oceans, and actively protect them. Certified organic farming doesn't use synthetic pesticides, and it’s the vision to help stop these harmful chemicals from ending up in our oceans and streams harming animals and the planet.

Juice Organics mantra is to deliver luxurious, affordable, effective haircare products made with certified organic ingredients. Juice Organics uses only the best organic healthy ingredients to keep you and our planet beautiful.

All Juice Organics products are formulated without animal byproducts.

Juice Organics is a Juice Beauty sister company. 

Juice Organics 有機椰子修護洗髮乳 Repairing Shampoo 300ml | Dr. Koala
Juice Organics 有機熱情果豐盈洗髮乳 Volumizing Shampoo 300ml | Dr. Koala
Juice Organics 有機椰子修護護髮素 Repairing Conditioner 300ml | Dr. Koala
Juice Organics 有機無花果護色洗髮乳 Color Protect Shampoo 300ml | Dr. Koala
Juice Organics 有機無花果護色護髮素 Color Protect Conditioner 300ml | Dr. Koala
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Juice Organics 有機熱情果豐盈護髮素 Volumizing Conditioner 300ml | Dr. Koala