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Q&A | Products

Are your products genuine?

We are the authorized partners of all the brands shown. We guarantee that the products sold are 100% genuine and products are imported directly from Hong Kong distributors or manufacturers of origin. Please feel comfortable shopping.

Can I buy the products listed in the websites from your brick-and-mortar?

Yes, you can buy most of the products. However, to make sure the products are in stock in our store, it is better to reach us through our support messenger or WhatsApp us at +852 9855 1118 first.

Why is the expiry date missing on some products?

There are no regulations about requesting printing the expiry date on some products in some places. Therefore, some products directly imported by the manufacturer of the origin are not covered by the expiry date.

Be aware that natural and organic products have shorter shelf life. Generally speaking, it can only be stored for one to two years and used within half a year after opening. (The actual shelf life must refer to individual brands). Therefore, our quality control team will conduct a rigorous examination of the shelf life of the products even if there are no expiration dates printed, so as to ensure the product quality.

How to choose suitable products for my skin?

Each person' needs and skin conditions are different. It is recommended that you may check with our analysis team. Our professional consultants will make effective recommendations based on your needs, or help you design your own skincare routine.

Can I be notified when the out of stock items are being restocked?

For products that we exactly know the restock date, they are allowed for pre-order. If not, you may put those items into your wishlist.