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<<Re-HYGINOVA Program>>

In order to thank you on behalf of the environment, you can now bring your used HYGINOVA package(s) to Dr. Koala store to enjoy 20% off discount for all HYGINOVA product(s).

*HYGINOVA and Dr. Koala reserve the right of final decision.

  • The program includes all HYGINOVA packages.
  • The rule is "Return 1 for 1 Discount". Any used package earn you a 20 % off discount on 1 new HYGINOVA product.
  • Please bring the used packages to Dr. Koala store to enjoy the discount.
  • Please contact us to check the stock if you want to purchase the refill sizes. These are hot items which may sometimes out of stock.
  • All used packages are fully cleaned and sanitized before repackaging. For those which are damaged, HYGINOVA will hand to local recyclers.

【12% Off】Hyginova Disinfectant Refill 5L
Hyginova 環保消毒除臭補充裝 2L | Dr. Koala
Hyginova 環保消毒除臭噴霧 400ml | Dr. Koala
Hyginova 環保消毒除臭噴霧 60ml | Dr. Koala
Sold Out
Hyginova 環保消毒除臭壓泵 400ml | Dr. Koala
Sold Out
Hyginova X Tse Sai Pei Seven-year Anniversary Version Spray 400ml