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What makes Theodent™ different or better than other toothpaste?
Theodent™ toothpaste represents the only major toothpaste innovation in over a century. Theodent™ harnesses the power of patented, Rennou™, a non-toxic proprietary blend of a naturally-occurring extract found in chocolate blended with other minerals that help to strengthen the enamel surface of human teeth.

Researchers found, a particular extract from chocolate, that was similar in structure to caffeine, had a beneficial effect on teeth. Whereas caffeine stunts enamel growth, Rennou™ actually helped to stimulate the growth of new enamel.

Your enamel is made up hundreds of thousands of calcium and phosphorus unit crystals which form the mineral component of enamel, hydroxyapatite. Theodent™ with Rennou™ increases the size of the surface unit crystals of your enamel by four times. Larger unit crystals make your teeth less susceptible to bacterial acid de-mineralization and keep your teeth healthy and robust. 


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THEODENT 無氟兒童牙膏 巧克力 Kids 3.4oz | Dr. Koala

THEODENT Kids 3.4oz

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THEODENT 無氟經典美白牙膏 CLASSIC Whitening Crystal Mint 3.4oz | Dr. Koala