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(M)anasi 7 Bio

Founded by professional makeup artist Susanne Manasi, the Stockholm-based cosmetics line (M)anasi 7 offers minimally processed, small batch natural , wild harvested and organic eye, lip and face products with luxurious, high-intensity colour. Select, pure, natural, simple and sustainably produced, (M)anasi 7 delivers timeless, multifunctional makeup that lasts.

Declaration of (7)

(1). SLOW - Small-scale production at a sustainable pace to minimize water consumption, environmental impact and waste. Nurturing and promoting a dynamic relationship between cosmetics manufacturing and organic farming.

(2). SELECT - Curated compositions of ingredients and shades that deliver an immaculate sensory feeling, high colour pay-off and desired effect. Manasi7 products are developed in stockholm and made sustainably in small batches to ensure premium quality.

(3). PURE - Manasi7 offers beauty products with ingredients that are grown ethically, sustainably and in harmony with the environment.

(4). NATURAL - Raw materials and natural preservatives extracted from minerals, wild plants and flowers, carefully selected for their quality, colour and scent.

(5). SIMPLE - A conscious collection of essential multifunctional beauty products for an effortless everyday makeup routine. Designed to be used individually or mixed to create endless possibilities.

(6). SYMBIOTIC - Merging the high performance and colour pay-off of conventional beauty products with the nourishing and healing properties of natural, wild harvested and certified organic ingredients. Carefully selected biodegradable formulas organically decomposed back into earth.

(7). CONTEMPORARY - Inspired by nature and personal expression creating a timeless selection of shades, finishes and textures to promote the pleasures of organic beauty. Soft earthy tones combined with a flush of modern hues for the desired impact.

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(M)anasi 7 多用途美妝膏 - 粉色珊瑚 5g | Dr. Koala
(M)anasi 7 多用途美妝膏 - 波爾多紅酒 5g | Dr. Koala
(M)anasi 7 All Over Colour - Bisque 5g