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Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Pillow - Navy

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Use to ease tension, block out light and silence mind chatter. Perfect for relieving headaches, eye strain, sinus pain and hangovers. Ideal for use during the final relaxation phase of Yoga and for daytime power naps, making a ten minute rest feel like an hour.

We suggest you try it immediately!Now also available with two soft Velvet ties for maximum benefit when using overnight. Just tie once and simply slip on and off.
Gently roll the Eye Pillow between your hands to release the relaxing fragrance then place it across the eye area. Lie back and relax, allowing the seeds to fill your eye contours and the aroma to soothe your senses.For the ultimate sleep and all night comfort, try using our Lavender Eye Pillow for ten minutes before wearing your Lavender Eye Mask.Care Information:

Clean the surface of your Eye Pillow with a damp cloth or dry clean only.

Do not immerse in water.

Over time the scent of Lavender will fade. To prolong and rejuvenate the aroma simply roll gently between the palms of your hands 3-4 times. Try to keep Silk and Lavender out of direct sunlight as both will fade.

Dimensions: 21cm x 9.5cm