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Holistic Silk White Pure Mulberry Silk One Strap Eye Mask - Black

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Holistic Silk original award winning Eye Mask design made with one soft, wide Velvet elasticated strap, totally blocks out all light to give you deeper, more restorative sleep.  Containing soothing natural dried Lavender flowers they are recommended by sleep experts as a perfect addition to your night-time routine.

The Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask features pure Silk on both sides. Naturally non-absorbent, the Silk lining actively helps prevent night-time facial creasing and dehydration, making it perfect for sensitive and maturing skin.

Made from and lined in 100% 22 momme Mulberry Silk, this ultra smooth, hypoallergenic mask is so light and comfortable you won’t even notice you are wearing it. Super-sized to rest on your cheekbones and forehead and not on your delicate eye area, it's completely effective at blocking out the light to give you deeper, more restorative sleep.
Scented with real Lavender to subtly fragrance the air and to further promote relaxation and sleep. Recommended by Stylists, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons as a perfect addition to your night-time skincare routine.

Care Information:

You can clean the surface of your Eye Mask with a damp cloth or machine wash occasionally on a delicate setting at 30 degrees using a mild detergent.

Reshape after washing and immediately hang to dry in a warm place.

Can also be dry cleaned.

Over time the scent of Lavender will fade. To prolong and rejuvenate the aroma simply roll gently between the palms of your hands 3-4 times. Try to keep Silk and Lavender out of direct sunlight as both will fade.

Dimensions: 24cm x 12cm