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Hyginova X Tse Sai Pei Seven-year Anniversary Version Spray 400ml

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Seven-year Anniversary Version | High Tea - Tse Sai Pei


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Main functions: cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, formaldehyde removal, reducing indoor allergens

Scope of use: medical area, food, industry, family and public places. Such as toilets, rooms, floors, walls, animal equipment, baby products, furniture, tableware, fabrics, carpets, etc.

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• Instant and effective, one solves many troublesome problems and makes your life easier• High-level broad-spectrum disinfection, effective inactivation of bacteria (G +/- and drug resistance), viruses (enveloped and unenveloped), fungi (molds and yeasts), mycobacteria (including tuberculosis bacillus) and extremely strong resistance Reversible spore• HYGINOVA passes the EN14476: 2013 + A1: 2015 standard, it proves that it can inactivate the most resistant poliovirus, adenovirus and mouse norovirus (Full Virucidal Activity), so it is effective for all known viruses, such as enteroviruses, papillomaviruses, caliciviruses, hepatitis viruses (types A, B, C, D), HIV, HTLV, influenza viruses (including human influenza, avian influenza and swine influenza), coronaviruses ( (Including SARS and MERS), herpesvirus family, rotavirus, filamentous virus family (including Ebola virus), flavivirus, rubella virus, rabies virus, measles virus, poxvirus family• Eliminate cigarette smell, garbage rancidness, urine smell, fecal smell, fart smell, rotten egg smell, fishy smell, shoe smell, damp musty smell, pet body smell or odor caused by bacteria• Formaldehyde removal (60% in 1 hour / 95% in 24 hours)• Reduce indoor allergens (molds, spores)• Through third-party evaluation, it is safe to use in the environment of newborn babies, children, adults and pets

OriginProudly Made In Hong Kong
Shelf lifeShelf life of spray pack: Please see the package label, please use it within three months after opening.
Replenishment shelf life: Please refer to the packaging label. Refills should be used within six to eight months after opening.
International Standards / International CertificationConforms to EU standards: EN1040 (Basic sterilization), EN1275 (Basic fungicidal), EN13727 (Bactericidal: 1 minute / Drug-resistant bacteria MRSA & VRE: 5 minutes), EN14476 (Broad-spectrum virus killing: 2 minutes), EN1650 ( Fungicidal: 15 minutes), EN14348 (Mycobacterium: 60 minutes), EN13704 (Spores: 15 minutes)

Comply with international safety standards: OECD 439 skin irritation test (alternative animal test), SGS toxicity risk assessment (TRA), TÜV Rheinland toxicity risk assessment (TRA).

Indoor allergen removal test: formaldehyde removal test / EN1650 (mould) / EN13704 (spores)

Animal-friendly certification: Leaping Bunny animal-free testing certification (Asia's first houseware brand) / Vegan society vegan certification / 1% For The Planet International Environmental Protection Organization member
Hypochlorous acid (150 ~ 210ppm), Sodium chloride, Purified water