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MONBENTO MB Gram blue Cosmic

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Follow the adventures of this young astronaut tiger on the MB Gram blue Cosmic space snack box! Junior explorers will be able to enjoy a delicious snack as they travel around Jupiter, while admiring a shooting cookies shower!

At school, on vacation, on a picnic or even on Mars: this ingenious tiger snack box protects the little foodies’ emergency provisions from any crushing accident. Customizable thanks to its different tokens, there is no risk of mixing snack up!



As well as fitting all bags, the MB Gram snack box protects all snacks from everyday little mishaps, thanks to its airtight seal and a round shape that guarantees its strength and makes it easy to clean.


No more lunch boxes mixed up at playtime! The clever, interchangeable tag can be personalized so you can slip the little owner’s name or his favorite super hero under the snack box lid!


The MB Gram’s generous size holds either a small snack or a proper emergency meal. Quantities can be managed and adjusted according to the age and appetite of each person!          
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free
  • BPS-free
  • Food grade

Product dimensions: 14.8 x 7 x 11.4 cm

Capacity: 0.6 L

Weight: 140 g / 0.3 lbs

  • 1 lid (PP)
  • 1 container (PP)
  • 1 seal (silicone)