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The sea, the coast, and the salt. The elements and the ingredients that shape what we do and what characterizes us. They affect our way of life, our environment and personality.

The sea, the coast and the salt provide the basis for the traditional spa culture here in Varberg, on the Swedish west coast. This is the place you come when you are in need of health-improving cures, relaxation and contemplation. Here in Varberg - where the sea meets land – wind, waves and salt impose their weathering effects on our environment. Here in Varberg, we know how to nurture and take care of these conditions.

Along the coast of Sweden, we live for surfing, sailing and sunbathing. We are only human, and as such, we are affected by the sea, the sun and the salt that permeates the environment. For this reason, we have learned over time the rituals required to take care of and nurture also our bodies and our skin. Taking care of this need is the reason why L:A BRUKET exists. Our products nourish and protect, soften and heal - hands, face, feet and bodies – all worn by the sea, the coast and the salt. It is a basic need, common for us all, but made more significant by our life on the west coast. Well, actually, coasts all over the world.

We find our ingredients from both sea and land and we strive for our raw materials and products to be as organic and environmental friendly as possible. The herbs, waxes and oils used in the production of our products, are from origins from near and far, all with special qualities that deliver nourishing possibilities. We constantly seek new ingredients and combinations in order to achieve the optimal benefits and sensations from our products.

Inspired by Carl von Linné, L:A BRUKET continues to explore and catalogue our experiences, scents, emotions and achievements. We do this to inspire and nourish. L:A BRUKET believes this to be common and important not only for those of us living along coastlines, but for people all over the world.

Welcome to L:A BRUKET!