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SOVOS HK Edition Organic Sanitizer

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Size and Scents | Citrus 50ml


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SOVOS, as a Hong Kong herbal brand, focuses on the physical and mental needs of Hong Kong people.
This sanitizer has 3 special disinfecting formulas formulated with natural aroma and curative effect -

Magnolia, citrus, and rose. Effective and uplifting!

3 Scents Available

【Magnolia - Immunity】Inhibits the growth of mucosal bacteria and helps protect respiratory immunity

【Citrus - Refreshing】Refreshing vitality, extra outdoor mosquito repellent effect
【Rose - Decompression and Relaxation】Decompression, relax nerves, release happy hormones

Safe to use: Suitable for pregnant women, children, eczema, G6PD, non-toxic, non-interfering hormones, non-irritating, adding moisturizing citrus essence, avoiding allergies, redness, dryness, etc.