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21GRAMS GLOW - White Amber Oil Serum

Carry wherever you go your unique, confident glow from within.

GLOW with the rich, delicate White Amber Oil Serum. Combining extra virgin and organic Camellia, Moringa and Jojoba oil, this serum is a luminous presence in spirit and in action. Witness wonderful results in correcting of dark spots and blemishes, evening of skin tone, and smoothing of fine lines.

Main Ingredient


When the ancient crude resins of Pinus Succinifera is heated up to 200 °C, it melts into an exotic, precious oil extract with a distinctive floral-woody aroma. Considered as an important healing remedy by the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, white amber resin embodies alertness and a sense of renewal. Today it’s highly valued for its healing effects in correcting dark spots, boosting skin’s natural healing power and restoring radiance in skin.

21GRAMS REFRESH - White Rose Toner

Wake up every morning a fresh new soul. Always a little curious. Always a little thrilled to embrace beginnings.

REFRESH and revel in the deep moisture of the White Rose Toner. This steam-distilled hydrosol is a soothing, toxic-free addition to your daily routine. All the wonderful benefits of white rose, perfectly infused with high-concentration hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3.

Main Ingredient


Produced through steam distillation of rare Rosa alba petals delicately handpicked from Bulgaria, our white rose hydrosol exhibits an enchanting, sweet floral aroma like freshly cut roses. While it maintains skin’s water and oil levels at a perfect balance, it’s also known for replenishing moisture and reducing fine lines in dry skins.